Microsoft ships Windows 98 OSR Beta 2

Microsoft has released the second beta of Windows 98 OSR (OEM Service Release), which includes a number of new features, including Internet Explorer 5.0, a new Dial-Up Networking applet, DCOM 95 1.3, Wake-On-LAN support, and support for USB modems. Though IE 5.0 will become available in mid-March, Microsoft is basically mum about the release date for Windows 98 OSR.

"Microsoft used Q1 \[1999\] as a goal. Beta tester feedback was telling us for the OSR that it was getting very bulky, so \[we\] went back to figure out a new way to have users test it. Of course, that takes time," said a Microsoft spokesperson. In other words, they're not saying when it's due.

Windows 98 OSR will be made available in CD form to PC makers only, so that it can be included with new PCs. Consumers with the original version of Windows 98 will be able to download the new components one at a time, if desired, from the Windows Update Web site

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