Microsoft Ships New Home Server Beta

On Wednesday, Microsoft shipped a long awaited update to its Windows Home Server beta, a so-called Community Technology Preview (CTP) that provides a near-final look at the upcoming product. The Windows Home Server April CTP, as the release is know, is now available to beta testers, Microsoft Insiders, and MVPs.

The Home Server CTP features a number of improvements over the previous release, Beta 2. These include:

- A simplified and more complete "out of box" experience.

- Remote Access features that allow users to access the Home Server via a Web browser using a custom domain name provided by Windows Live Custom Domains.

- More customizable PC health notifications.

- More customizable password settings.

- New Add-ins infrastructure for software add-ons created with the new Windows Home Server SDK (software development kit).

While the Windows Home Server beta is winding down, Microsoft is still soliciting new testers. If you're interested in testing this product, please visit the Microsoft Web site.

For more information about the Windows Home Server CTP, please see my review and screenshot galleries on the SuperSite for Windows.

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