Microsoft ships IE 4.0 for UNIX

Microsoft has shipped Internet Explorer 4.0 for Solaris, marking its first UNIX product since the company supported the UNIX-like XENIX operating system in the early 1980's. IE 4.0 for Solaris will run on version 2.5 or higher of that operating system; a version for HP UNIX is due later this year. Also available is the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), which costs $50. IE 4.0 for UNIX, like its Windows and Macintosh counterparts, is free.

"Internet Explorer 4.0 for UNIX was developed from the ground up specifically for UNIX users," said Yusuf Mehdi, director of marketing in the applications and Internet client group at Microsoft. "It combines Internet Explorer's easy, fast and secure browser functionality with native elements of the Motif user interface. Now Solaris customers can finally choose a browser that delivers the best of the Web for UNIX."

Microsoft now claims that IE 4.0 runs on 99.7% of all computer systems in use today.

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