Microsoft responds to court decision

Microsoft quickly posted a response to Judge Jackson's court order to its Web site ( In this response, the Redmond giant thanks Jackson for not "holding it in contempt of court for allegedly violating the consent decree." Microsoft points out in its response that it is free to continue bundling Internet Explorer with Windows 95, "so long as the \[computer manufacturer\] has the option of installing that portion of Windows 95 that does not include IE 3.0 or 4.0 files."

"This is a preliminary decision. The Court agrees that more fact finding is necessary and there is now a process for moving forward on this matter," said William H. Neukom, senior VP for Law and Corporate Affairs at Microsoft.

"We are looking forward to the opportunity to provide further evidence and legal analysis, and we are confident that at the end of the full process we will prevail. We remain confident that continuing to innovate and integrate technologies is good for the software industry and good for consumers," he said

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