Microsoft releases Windows Media Player Bonus Pack

Microsoft released a free bonus pack for Windows Media Player 7 (WMP7) on Monday that adds a variety of new features to the popular audio and video player, including new skins, visualizations, a tool that will convert MP3 files to WMP7's native Windows Media format, and more. The Windows Media Player Bonus Pack also includes some holiday-oriented features, including a visualization that features a dancing snowman and an animated seasonal skin that offers streaming holiday music from MSN. The company also notes that WMP7 use is at an all time high, with a Millard Brown study showing that three out of four digital media users prefer WMP7 to RealPlayer and RealJukebox.

"The results of this study prove that we built the right software to make digital media easy," says Dave Fester, the general manager Digital Media marketing at Microsoft. "Not only is the Windows Media Player 7 the best way for all users to enjoy digital media, the new Bonus Pack builds on this vision and offers an early holiday present from Microsoft to the many millions of people who have chosen Windows Media Player 7."

The Bonus Pack includes Audio Converter 3.0 Limited Edition (LE), which will convert MP3 files to the more efficient Windows Media Audio (WMA) format; a Winamp skin converter that allows WMP7 users to take advantage of the wide array of skins for the Winamp player; eight new skins; eight new visualizations; and three Power Toys: Deluxe CD Data Converter, Most Recently Used Cleaner, and the PowerToys skin. The PowerToys skins is designed for advanced users that need to import track information stored in the Deluxe CD Player or Microsoft CD Player into the Windows Media Player database, clear the Windows Media Player most recently used file list, or manage Windows Media Player 7 media libraries more efficiently.

To find out more, or download the free Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack, please visit the Microsoft Web site

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