Microsoft releases Windows-based Terminal Standard 1.5

Microsoft Corporation has released a new version of its Terminal Services client for Windows CE, dubbed Windows-based Terminal (WBT) Standard 1.5, which provides better performance and enhanced functionality over the original version. Windows-based terminals are designed to replace older "dumb terminals" of the past, offering remote access to Windows applications running on an NT/2000 server. And WBT 1.5 more fully supports the version of Terminal Services that ships with Windows 2000 as well being backwards compatible with Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition.

"Windows-based terminals are ideal for businesses with task-based workers who are currently using dumb terminals but require access to Windows applications," says Microsoft's John Frederiksen. "WBT Standard, in conjunction with Windows 2000 Terminal Services, provides Windows customers with an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy thin client solution."

In addition to the Windows CE-based WBT Standard, Microsoft offers a Professional Edition, which utilizes NT Embedded. Professional offers higher levels of performance and will ship with a version of Internet Explorer 5.0 when it becomes available in mid-2000 (Standard uses a version of IE 4.0). Microsoft also supports Windows-based mobile terminals with a version of Windows CE. In addition to supplying remote access to standard Windows applications, Windows-based mobile terminals can run Windows CE 2.x applications locally.

Companies such as IBM, NEC, and Compaq will begin rolling out WBT Standard terminals in the coming months, Microsoft says

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