Microsoft releases Visual J++ 6.0

Microsoft Corporation on Tuesday shipped the final component in its Visual Studio 6.0 suite, Visual J++ 6.0, a Java development program. Visual J++ 6.0 joins the rest of the Visual Studio suite--Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, Visual FoxPro, and Visual SourceSafe--which were released last month. Visual J++ 6.0 allows developers to create Windows applications and Java applets for the Web using a Visual Basic-like environment.

"With Visual J++ 6.0, developers can build powerful enterprise solutions that take advantage of all the great features of Windows and BackOffice," said Bill Dunlap, lead product manager for Visual J++. "With Visual J++ 6.0, Microsoft has delivered on the promise of the Java language by bringing developers the ease of Java and the power of Windows so that they can build compelling applications for Windows and the Web."

If only it were that simple: Visual J++ is part of a lawsuit brought against Microsoft by Sun Microsystems, the creator of Java. Sun is seeking to have Visual J++--which ships with Microsoft's proprietary extensions to Java--removed from the market.

If you're interested in checking out Visual J++ 6.0, you can download a free 30-day trial version from the Visual J++ Web site

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