Microsoft releases new version of Internet Mail and News

Microsoft releases new version of Internet Mail and News Microsoft posted a new version of Internet Mail and News to their Web site today, that adds support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). LDAP is a new standard for creating and using directories across networks such as the Internet and will allow Mail and News to access remote LDAP directories and services. What does this mean for the average user? Not much. The new Mail and News are visually identical to the previous version and no LDAP directories currently exist for the user to access. On the other hand, Microsoft has also announced partnerships with LDAP directory services such as 411, BigFoot, Switchboard, and WhoWhere, which means that users soon will be able to seamlessly connect to these services when they search for someone's email address. This works by having the user press the 'To:' button to search for an e-mail address and have the query answered by the LDAP services. I have tested this feature, and it is surprisingly fast and accurate. Like the auto search feature in Internet Explorer 3.x, I suspect only the most savvy of users will use this improvement. Of course, since you are reading this newsletter, chances are that you are among that group. I suggest downloading the 1 Mb update

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