Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 5.01 SP1

Thanks to Leen Snoek for the tip: Microsoft has quietly released Internet Explorer (IE) 5.01 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to the Web. IE 5.01, which was developed in concert with IE 5.5, adds a number of bug fixes to Internet Explorer, allowing administrators to rollout a stable release of the browser without needing to upgrade to a new version. And using Microsoft's Web-based installation, it's possible to upgrade to IE 5.01 SP1 or install the entire browser suite from scratch.

IE 5.01 SP1 includes a recent security update for the "SSL Certification Validation" vulnerability, a new Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that includes bug fixes, an Outlook Express Y2K fix, and numerous other bug fixes.

Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0 users that install IE 5.01 SP1 will automatically be upgraded to 128-bit encryption. If you're running Windows 2000, however, IE will retain the encryption level that was previously applied, rather than automatically upgrade to 128-bit encryption.

For more information and the free download, please visit the Microsoft Web site

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