Microsoft releases Handheld PC Professional spec

Microsoft Corporation ushered in a new era for Windows CE-based Handheld PCs on Thursday with the release of the Handheld PC, Professional Edition Specification. This spec, which builds on Windows CE 2.11, is the realization of project "Jupiter," which will enable near-laptop devices that run Windows CE. Handheld PC Pro devices include the following new features:

  • Full-size VGA and SuperVGA screens.

  • Laptop-style touch-type keyboards.

  • USB support.

  • Touch screen and mouse support (in addition to pen input).

  • New processor support.

  • New Pocket Outlook E-mail client.

  • New Pocket Access database with OLE-DB/ADO support.

  • InkWriter handwriting recognition.

  • Integrated Voice Recorder software.
Casio Computer, Compaq Computer, Everex Systems, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, LG Electronics, NTS Computer Systems, Samsung Electronics, Sharp Electronics, and Vadem are all releasing devices based on the spec. These devices will cost between $900 and $1200.

"We've focused on making the H/PC an excellent specific-use mobile computing tool by improving the remote e-mail, Internet access and synchronization back to the office," said Craig Mundie, senior VP of the consumer platforms division at Microsoft. "Whether you're down the hall from your desk or across the country, H/PC Pro Edition software will keep you connected to your ever-changing, vital data."

For more information on Windows CE 2.2 and the specification for Handheld PC, Professional Edition, please visit the Microsoft Web site

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