Microsoft releases DirectX 8.0

Microsoft announced this week the release of DirectX 8.0, the latest version of its multimedia library for Windows. DirectX 8.0 includes new features that provide near-photographic quality graphics, massively scalable multiplayer games, and enhanced audio to multimedia and gaming software titles. In addition to the DirectX run-time for users, Microsoft has also released a DirectX 8.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers that makes it easy to incorporate these features. DirectX, which was first introduced in late 1995, is now the number one multimedia and gaming development system in the world.

"The release of DirectX 8.0 is a major milestone for developers for Windows," said Ted Hase, the director of Windows Third-Party Gaming at Microsoft. "This latest round of enhancements to DirectX will allow developers to realize their vision in new and very exciting ways. Developers can achieve higher levels of detail in both graphics and sound performance. This means that with the next generation of content, consumers can expect richer game play, more immersive in-game experiences and more creative multiplayer environments."

DirectX 8.0 and the DirectX 8.0 SDK will be available for download Saturday afternoon at the Microsoft Web site

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