Microsoft puts TechNet subscribers on beta programs...for a price

Thanks to Scott Schnoll for the tip: Microsoft TechNet subscribers will be getting a bonus this Spring in the form of a new TechNet Plus service that gives subscribers access to the Microsoft Beta Evaluation program. Subscribers to TechNet Plus will receive all evaluation beta products on CD along with their regular 12 monthly TechNet issues. Beta evaluation releases in 1998 included Windows 98, Windows 2000, Systems Management Server 2.0, SQL Server 7.0, NT Services for Unix 1.0, Microsoft Office 2000 Developer, File and Print Services for NetWare 5.0, Visual Studio 6.0, and more.

The cost of the TechNet Plus subscription is $450 (the regular TechNet CD subscription is $300), though there is a 10% discount through the end of April for renewals

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