Microsoft Press creates Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Web site

Microsoft Press is reporting that Microsoft will be posting Windows NT 4.0 Server and Workstation Resources Kit updates to a Web site the company has created.

According to MS Press, initial site highlights will include:

  • Ability to extensively search and view the Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit. Later, members will have access to all tools and utilities, including up-to-the-minute updates.
  • Access to essential Windows NT information and resources, including the latest info on upcoming revisions to Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server.
  • Extensive, searchable database on Windows NT error messages.
  • Chat areas, including scheduled live chats with Windows NT developers.
  • All known product information on Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server, including white papers and Knowledge Base articles—all in one convenient location.
  • ...and much more!

Want more information?
Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kits Web site

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