Microsoft preps Windows 2000 DataCenter beta

The final piece of the Windows 2000 puzzle--the high-end DataCenter Server edition--heads to a select group of corporations next week, Microsoft has announced. Windows 2000 DataCenter Server, which is Microsoft's first attempt at wrestling the high-end market from UNIX, will be tested by 300 of the company's largest customers. It's slated for release 90 to 120 days after the Professional, Server, and Advanced Server editions of Windows 2000 ship later this year. This is the first external testing of DataCenter Server.

DataCenter Server builds on the other Server editions with scalability features such as support for 32 GB of RAM, 32-way symmetric multiprocessing, 4-node clustering, network load balancing, and other high-end features. But DataCenter Server also functions on a far more limited range of hardware than its lower-end siblings do. As a result, testers need to be seeded with hardware from a select group of hardware vendors such as IBM and Compaq. IBM is supplying testers with four-way Netfinity servers with Fibre Channel storage systems, according to ENT Magazine

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