Microsoft preps BackOffice Small Business Server 2000

Thanks to Allen Neher for the tip: Microsoft Corporation is indeed prepping a version of its BackOffice Small Business Server (SBS) that will be based on Windows 2000, but like the full BackOffice 2000 suite, SBS 2000 will need to wait for some updated components before it can be released. New versions of SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Proxy Server will be included in the suite, which Microsoft says is on track delivery in Q3 2000.

Small Business Server 2000 will include Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Exchange Server 2000, SQL Server 2000, Proxy Server 2000, and a new set of services for sharing faxes and an Internet connection.

If you purchase the current version of BackOffice Small Business Server, version 4.5, you are eligible for a free upgrade to SBS 2000 when it's released. There's a caveat, however: SBS 4.5 cannot be upgraded to Windows 2000; you will need to wait for the full SBS 2000 suite. For more information, please visit the Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server Web site

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