Microsoft postpones Java developer meeting

Microsoft has cancelled a meeting with Java developers originally scheduled for this week, citing a conflict with Internet Week, held next week in New York. About a month ago, Microsoft sent invitations to "Java influentials," urging them to attend a "Java Developer Briefing" that was to be held this Friday and Saturday at the Microsoft campus. In the invitation, Microsoft pledged to "set the record straight on how Java is supported by Microsoft and how it fits into \[its\] platform, tool, and technology strategy."

The meeting was cancelled via an email message sent by Mike Werner, the lead manager of community relations at Microsoft. The company plans to reschedule the meeting for after the holidays.

"We want to reschedule it," said Joe Herman, an Internet platforms product manager. "We had people who were frustrated that they couldn't come to us as a result of Internet World. We decided that it was best for all involved for it to be scheduled at a later date, so we will try to do that. We are disappointed, and we know that people are disappointed."

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