Microsoft to post Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2

Microsoft posted Service Pack 2 for Visual Studio 97 today, the second bug fix collection for the integrated suite of developer applications in the same number of months. Service Pack 2 fixes the following problems:

  • A search performance problem that causes Developer Studio to use     100% of the CPU time.
  • A bug that blocks downloads from Internet Explorer.
  • Memory leak problems in Visual SourceSafe.
  • A compiled strings bug in Visual C++.
  • A problem in the visual database tools that caused single-row     recordset updates to affect other rows.
  • Other bugs.
In addition to this list, Service Pack 2 includes all of the bug-fixes from Service Pack 1 and a recently released service pack for Visual Basic 5 that adds the ability to create apartment-threaded controls.

Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2 can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site next week. At this time, only the Visual Basic update is available

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