Microsoft partners warn against legal action

Microsoft's partners came out in force this week, asking government regulators not to interfere with Microsoft's plans to release Windows 98 on June 25th. In a letter sent to the Justice Department, over two dozen computer companies, including Sony, Compaq, and Symantec, urged the DOJ not to attempt to delay the release of Windows 98.

"The direct effect on the U.S. economy of a delay to Windows 98 would be considerable. More than 2 million Americans, for instance, develop software that runs on Windows, while a similar number work in the computer services industry," the letter reads. "Interfering with the release of Windows 98 would drag down the entire industry's efforts to deliver value to customers and returns to shareholders."

The companies are concerned about reports that the federal government and 12 states will attempt to file antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft. As a result, the Windows 98 rollout will be a low-key affair, especially when compared to the glitzy Windows 95 launch three years ago.

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