Microsoft: Netscape Communicator runs better in Windows 98

In a Windows 98 demonstration this week, product manager Yusuf Mehdi showed that Netscape's Communicator and Navigator 4.0 Web browsers load more quickly and run faster on Windows 98 than they do on Windows 95. It is also very easy, he said, to set up Navigator as your default Web browser if you would rather use that than Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

"Netscape Communicator will work fine," said Mehdi, who was joined by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and several other industry luminaries who were on hand to show their support for Windows 98. During the early days of the Windows 98 beta, Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale complained that his company's Web browsers wouldn't even run on Windows 98. This week's demonstration was designed to show that wasn't the case.

Mehdi also demonstrated that it was very easy to add a link to Communicator to the Windows 98 "quick-launch" bar where icons for Internet Explorer and Outlook Express exist by default. The quick-launch bar, which is found between the Start button and taskbar in Windows 98, allows users to launch frequently-used programs with a single mouse-click.

Gates said Netscape is in a "great position to build products that run on top of the OS.

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