Microsoft Launches 2008 Hardware Lineup

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled its 2008 hardware lineup, with innovative new mouse technology leading the way. The company also unveiled new keyboards, Web cameras, and an online video service aimed at users of those cameras.

It is the mouse, however, that steals the show. Powered by new Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, the 2008 Microsoft Explorer Mouse and Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse go where no mice have gone before, working on far more surfaces than traditional optical and laser mice. Microsoft also unveiled its fashionable new Arc Mouse, which features a unique folding design and resembles an elegant crescent when it use.

On the keyboard front, Microsoft introduced the Wireless Desktop Laser 6000 and Wireless Media Desktop 1000 mouse-and-keyboard bundles. The Wireless Desktop Laser 6000 features a comfort-curve ergonomic keyboard, Vista design cues and features integration, and a full-sized Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. The Wireless Media Desktop 1000 includes one-touch access to Vista multimedia functionality, an ultra-thin design, and an ambidextrous optical mouse.

Microsoft also unveiled two new Web cameras, the LifeCam Show and LifeCam VX-5500, both of which feature radical new designs. The LifeCam Show is tiny, and can be attached to any PC with a bundled clip, or placed on top of an elegant 11-inch tall stand. The LifeCam VX-5500 comes with interchangeable color faceplates, can be used on any laptop or desktop PC, and folds flat for easy mobility.

Finally, Microsoft unveiled the Video Messages services, which allows users of LifeCam and other Web cams to send video messages to each other. The service is available on the Web and via a free gadget for Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista.

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