Microsoft in Last-Ditch Effort to Avoid Further EU Fines

On Monday, the European Union (EU) reported that Microsoft had submitted a batch of documentation required to comply with the antitrust ruling against the software maker. The EU's European Commission (EC), which oversees antitrust concerns in Europe, is looking over the documentation to see if it meets the requirements. Microsoft has failed several times to submit documentation that satisfies the EC.

"We have received technical documents from Microsoft," an EC spokesperson said early Monday. "Our people are looking at it, including the \[technical\] trustee, and it's too early at this stage to give any indication of whether there will be another payment, another penalty, and if there is to be another penalty, how much it would be."

According to Microsoft, the submission amounts to more than 2600 documents and should demonstrate the company's ongoing commitment to comply fully with the EU's ruling. "We are working with the \[EU's\] trustee to ensure that all of this documentation meets his requirements and to respond promptly and fully to any further requests for information," a statement issued by Microsoft reads.

Earlier in July, the EU fined Microsoft nearly $356 million for failing to comply with the 2004 antitrust ruling. Microsoft's submission needs to meet the requirements of the final point of compliance contention. Otherwise, the EU has threatened to fine Microsoft almost $4 million each day until the company complies.

Microsoft has several pending appeals in its EU antitrust saga. It's appealing the original ruling and has said it will also appeal the recent $356 million fine.

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