Microsoft finalizes BizTalk framework

Microsoft Corporation on Tuesday announced the availability of its new BizTalk Framework Document Specification 1.0, an XML-based framework for information sharing. BizTalk leverages and expands on industry-standard Internet technologies such as XML and MIME to deliver rich documents that can exchange online regardless of the computing platform at either end of the conversation.

"Today's IT professional is faced with the double challenge of not only integrating diverse applications, but doing so in a time frame relevant to the pace of business today," said Charles Fitzgerald, director of business development for the Developer Division at Microsoft. "Getting different applications to 'talk' to each other is a major technical hurdle, which has grown more visible as companies try to integrate e-commerce applications with back-end systems and partners. The BizTalk Framework helps speed the integration of applications within a single organization or between trading partners over the Internet."

BizTalk began its life in March and was submitted to a steering committee composed of industry vendors in September for ratification as a standard. The committee maintains a Web site that publishes a repository of XML information, libraries and other resources.

For more information about BizTalk initiative, please visit the Microsoft BizTalk Web site

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