Microsoft faces judgement day Thursday

According to sources close to the investigations, the U.S. Department of Justice and over 15 U.S. states will likely file separate lawsuits against Microsoft Corporation, charging the company with various antitrust crimes. According to sources, the states will not try to block the sale of Windows 98, which is likely to be released to hardware manufacturers as scheduled on Friday. However, the states will ask the court to end Microsoft's exclusionary licensing practices with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The company has numerous deals with ISPs that prevent them from giving Netscape Navigator, a competing Web browser, to their customers. The states will also try to prevent Microsoft from displaying its own logo when Windows first boots. Additionally, the states will try and attack Microsoft Office, because Microsoft allegedly strong-arms hardware manufacturers into bundling the suite with systems, giving other office suites a disadvantage.

Microsoft spokespeople would not comment

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