Microsoft, Dell Team with (RED)

Computer industry goliaths Microsoft and Dell are teaming with (RED), the international organization that was created to help women and children affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa. As part of its efforts, (RED) works with the world's most iconic companies to create (PRODUCT)RED branded products whose sales contribute directly to the cause. This week, Microsoft and Dell announced integrated (RED) branded software and hardware that is now available to the public.

For its part, Dell will sell a number of (PRODUCT)RED-branded hardware products, all of which will be decorated in the trademark (PRODUCT)RED style. These products include the XPS One (PRODUCT)RED, a special version of the company's all-one desktop computer, two laptops, the XPS M1330 (PRODUCT)RED and XPS 1530 (PRODUCT)RED, and the Dell 948 All-in-One Printer (PRODUCT)RED. There's no premium for purchasing these products, but in each case Dell will make a contribution to the Global Fund, (RED)'s parent organization. These contributions range from $5 to $80, depending on the product.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has created an exclusive new version of Windows Vista for the project, a version that will only be sold with Dell's (PRODUCT)RED PCs. Dubbed Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT)RED, this Vista version includes 6 unique (PRODUCT)RED-inspired wallpapers, a (PRODUCT)RED screensaver, 2 (PRODUCT)RED Windows Sidebar gadgets, and a (PRODUCT)RED-themed DreamScene animated background.

The companies are also announcing their first-ever Super Bowl TV advertising, which will debut when the New England Patriots and New York Giants square off February 3, 2008 in Glendale, Arizona. The advertisement will feature Dell's (PRODUCT)RED products, Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT)RED, and the (RED) organization.

I'll be writing up more about this partnership today on the SuperSite for Windows and will provide some product shots and screenshots. You can also visit Dell's Web site for more information or to order one of the new products.

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