Microsoft Delays Flight Simulator 2002

Microsoft announced yesterday that the company will indefinitely delay the release of its upcoming Flight Simulator 2002 product in deference to victims of last week's terrorist attacks. The company had come under fire for sticking to its original October 18 release date, despite reports that earlier versions of the product might have helped train terrorists to crash planes into the World Trade Center and other targets. The company had previously announced that it is removing the World Trade Center and other unnamed locations from the product.

"It's just an inappropriate time to release the product," a Microsoft spokesperson said yesterday, noting that no government officials have contacted the company about a possible connection between the terrorists and Flight Simulator.

The company is also issuing a patch that will remove the World Trade Center towers from previous versions of the game. Users have often lauded Flight Simulator for its realistic depictions of aircraft cockpits, scenery, and various cities.

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