Microsoft to consolidate Bay Area campus

Microsoft president Steve Ballmer christened Microsoft's new 32-acre campus in the Mountain View, California Thursday and announced the new development center and offices that will consolidate various groups the company now has working in the area. Ballmer described the new campus as Microsoft's "No. 2 center of excellence." It is expected to be ready next summer.

The groups that will be working out of the new campus are currently responsible for HotMail, WebTV, and Macintosh Internet product development. Other Bay Area groups, including Microsoft Research and Sidewalk, will not be moving to the new campus.

When asked about Microsoft's enemies in the area, such as Sun Microsystems and Netscape, Ballmer acknowledged the ironic move.

"We're a company that has far more partners in the Valley than we do competitors," he said. "The focus has got to be on those companies.

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