Microsoft Chat 2.0 released

Microsoft has upgraded their Comic Chat program to 2.0 and changed the name to Microsoft Chat in the process. This new chat client features numerous ways for people to communicate with each other. There are two chatting methods, text mode and comic mode. Text mode features a conventional text chat while comic mode displays a dynamic comic strip that updates as participants type. Comic mode was the only mode supported by the old Comic Chat.

New features in Microsoft Chat 2.0 include:

  • Better text chat support.
  • Customizable fonts in mode modes.
  • One-click access toolbar.
  • NetMeeting integration.
  • User list.
  • IRC-compatible file transfer.
  • Macro support.
  • Send and receive sounds.
  • Multi-room whisper capability.
Microsoft makes a version of Chat 2.0 for people with Internet Explorer and one for people who don't have IE. You can also download additional characters and a software development kit. Check out the Chat 2.0 Web page for details
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