Microsoft announces Office 2001, Macintosh Edition

Microsoft Corporation today announced its next version of Office for the Macintosh, Office 2001, Macintosh Edition. And, as previously mentioned in WinInfo, this release will include a new Outlook client that seems to match the version in Office 2000 for Windows; this is the first release of Mac Office that includes such a client. Outlook 2001 will feature Word-like editing capabilities, address auto-completion, auto-spell checking, as well as integrated Calendar, Tasks, and Notes modules. The goal, says Microsoft, is to put the Mac version at feature parity with Windows.

"With this release, we wanted to provide customers with an integrated application that would give them the tools to take control of their personal information," says Kevin Browne, the general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft. "Integration makes this new application the hub of Office 2001. Customers can access the Calendar and Address Book from any Office application. Integration will not only make this new application more powerful, it will help people get more out of Office and their Macintosh."

In addition to the new Outlook application, Mac Office 2001 will feature new versions of all of the existing applications as well, though little information about the other applications is currently available. Microsoft expects to ship Office 2001, Macintosh Edition by the end of the year. For more information, please visit the Microsoft Web site

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