Microsoft announces IE 4.0 administration tools

Microsoft announced today two administration tools for Internet Explorer 4.0 that will become available with the new browser suite on September 30. The IE 4.0 Administration Kit and IE 4.0 Corporate Deployment Guide are designed to allow IT managers to customize, deploy, and administer IE 4.0 from a central location, Microsoft officials said today. An Web resource for IE 4.0 developers and administrators, called the Intranet Solutions Center, goes online today.

The IE 4.0 Administration Kit (IEAK) allows administrators to centrally customize, deploy, and manage Internet Explorer 4.0 without having to configure individual desktops. The IEAK will eventually be available for all platform versions of Internet Explorer 4.0, including Windows 95 and NT 4.0, Windows 3.1 and NT 3.51, Macintosh (PowerMac and 68K) and UNIX (first quarter 1998). For more information about the IEAK, please visit the IEAK Web site.

The IE 4.0 Corporate Deployment Guide provides administrators with a central source for all enterprise deployment planning, installation and support information. It features examples for easily deploying Internet Explorer 4.0 on corporate intranets, a migration planning checklist that details what IS managers should consider when upgrading to Internet Explorer 4.0, and frequently asked questions and troubleshooting information from Microsoft Technical Support Services.

The Intranet Solutions Center is a Web resource that is now available to give IT professionals and Web developers a jump-start on Web application development with sample applications and software templates developed by Microsoft Certified Solution Providers (MCPs). New templates available through the site will take advantage of IE 4.0-specific features such as Dynamic HTML and Active Channel content. You can visit the Intranet Solutions center now on the Web

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