Microsoft and Netscape finally agree on something

They said it would never happen, but arch-rivals Microsoft and Netscape finally agreed on something: late last month, the two companies co- authored a specification detailing the way browsers will position screen elements with HTML. Originally, Netscape had planned to offer up yet incompatible spec. The new spec will be included in a future version of HTML.

Users, however, are demanding that browsers comply with the current version of HTML, 3.2, and in this area Netscape has been particuarly lacking. Historically, Netscape has been able to create proprietary tags and have the industry follow along. This strategy no longer works. The Cascading Style Sheet standard, which Microsoft complied with in Internet Explorer 3.0 last August, is still not supported by Netscape. The company promises CSS support in Communicator 4.0, due mid-year, though the current beta release offers no such support

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