Mainsoft announces IE, WMP porting efforts

After breaking the story yesterday about Microsoft contracting a company called Mainsoft to port its Windows applications to Linux, I was somewhat bemused to see that the tiny California company has since released two press releases detailing its other Windows-to-UNIX porting projects. Coincidence or not, it's clear that Mainsoft is in the thick of Microsoft's efforts to port its most important technologies to various UNIX platforms: The company announced new contracts with Microsoft to bring its Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows Media Player (WMP) products to UNIX. And though Mainsoft remains quiet about Microsoft's plans for Office and other high-level applications, the company touts its strategic agreements with Microsoft that give it access to the source code for Windows NT and 2000, as reported yesterday in WinInfo.

"Mainsoft's Windows platform for UNIX is the most seamless solution to port Internet technologies across any platform," says Yaacov Cohen, the president of Mainsoft. "We realize the need for Internet applications to be cross-platform capable and are pleased to provide our solution to the enterprise community. Our continued success working with Microsoft reinforces the unique position of \[our\] solution as a singularly valuable cross-platform Web infrastructure application for companies doing business on the Internet."

Mainsoft's announcements cover Internet Explorer, which will be ported to various flavors of UNIX, and Windows Media Player 6.3, which the company has already ported to Sun Solaris. "We look forward to our future collaborations with Microsoft to provide cross-platform Web infrastructure solutions," Cohen says

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