Mac OS update to add Windows 95-like touches; more Apple news

Back when Copland was to be the next-generation Mac OS, Windows 95 users found some irony in the fact that the OS' feature-set seemed to be derived directly from Windows 95. Well, Copland was cancelled last year and the NeXTStep OS was bought to provide Apple with a new solution. In the meantime, however, Apple is planning on releasing incremental updates to the aging System 7.x line. System 7.7, code-named "Tempo," will add some of the user-interface elements that were promised for Copland, and I think any Windows 95/NT 4.0 user would recognize them:

  • Explore folders by Option-clicking them (remember, the Mac has no right mouse button)
  • Click on any edge of a window to resize it
  • Option-click objects to get a properties list
There's a nice screenshot of Windows, ah...Tempo at I think it's great that Mac users will finally get a fairly radical user interface update, by the way; it's just unfortunate that it's so late in coming.

In other Apple news, CEO Gil Amelio implored developers at the Software Publishers Association today to continue supporting the Macintosh despite the fact that "many of \[them\] have invested in \[the Mac\] and have yet to see a return." Amelio mentioned that the next release of the Mac OS, code- named Tempo, would integrate both Java and a multithreaded Finder.

If you're interested in Apple, you should also check out a compelling article in UPSIDE called "Apple's Big OS Mistake." You can find it at:

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