Learn Windows 2000 on the SuperSite!

Though I basically took last week off, I did upload a bunch of new Windows 2000 content to my SuperSite for Windows right around the beginning of the New Year. All of the FAQs have been updated with new information, and there are three new technology showcases to peruse, including:

"The Windows 2000 CD-ROM: What you get" -- As an eager world awaits, Microsoft's partners are busy burning the CD-ROMs you'll receive in your boxed copies of Windows 2000, which are due in retail stores by February 17th. Wondering what you'll get? Well, wonder no more. Here's a first look at the contents of the Windows 2000 Professional, Server, and Advanced Server CD-ROMs!

"Command line options for winnt.exe and winnt32.exe" -- Though Windows 2000 provides a friendly Setup Wizard front-end for installation, hard core NT users and administrators know that the venerable winnt.exe and winnt32.exe executables are the only way to go when its time to upgrade or install. In this showcase, I take a look at the command line parameters for winnt.exe and winnt32.exe.

"Creating a custom administrative Taskpad" -- One of the more exciting things about Windows 2000 is the way that management of the system has been consolidated into the new Microsoft Management Console (MMC). In addition to custom collections of snap-ins, you can also create elegant Taskpads, which present collections of management tools in a nice HTML-like screen. In this showcase, I discuss how you can easily create your own custom administrative Taskpad!

In the coming weeks, I'll be publishing a number of new showcases on Active Directory and other Windows 2000 topics as well, so keep checking back. Thanks for visiting,


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