JSI Tip 3023. How do I use W9x roaming profiles in a Windows 2000 domain?

Windows 9x romaing profiles behave differently from Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 roaming profiles. To implement roaming profiles on a W9x computer in a Windows 2000 domain:

1. On the W9x computer, use Control Panel / Passwords / Profiles tab.

2. Press Users can customize their preferences and desktop settings.

3. Under User profile settings, select the options you desire and press OK.

4. Shutdown and restart the W9x computer.

5. Install the Microsoft Client for Microsoft Networks on the W9x computer.

6. Shutdown and restart the W9x computer.

7. Follows the steps in Tip 0248 ยป How do I configure Windows 95 to logon to a domain?

To setup the user profile on the network:

1. Create a user's home folder on the server, as the Documents and Settings folder is only for Windows 2000 profiles.

2. Assign appropriate NTFS permissions. If you also want to grant the user the ability to create and delete subdirectories within their folder, add Change permission for Creator Owner to the parent directory and replace permissions on subdirectories. Since the user is not the Creator Owner of their top level directory, they will not be able to delete it. Any new subdirectories they create will inherit Creator Owner (and other permissions such as \[RWX\]\[RWXD\] that you set on the parent folder) allowing them to only delete the subdirectories that they create.

3. Share the home folder and assign appropriate share permissions.

4. Use Active Directory Users and Computers and select the Profile tab. Enter the UNC path of the share in the Home Folder box.

NOTE: When the user logs off, W9x places an updated copy of the user's profile in the Home Folder path.

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