iSCSI Consortium Steering Committee Elected

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (IOL) announced the results of an election to select leaders of the Internet SCSI (iSCSI) Consortium Steering Committee for 2002-2003. Industry members of the committee elected representatives from Adaptec, Cisco Systems, and IBM. The 2003 representatives are Jim Bernard, director of strategic development at Adaptec; Dave Peterson, lead architect of the storage technology group at Cisco; and John Dowdy, coordinator of iSCSI architecture and strategy at the IBM storage systems group.

The University of New Hampshire IOL sponsors the consortium, a multivendor industry body formed in 2001. (Members of the iSCSI Consortium include Adaptec, Agilent Technologies, Cisco Systems, IBM, Pirus Networks, Quantum/ATL, StoneFly Networks, Trebia Networks, and Wind River Systems.) The consortium is responsible for developing and administering standard testing procedures across the industry to advance interoperability of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) iSCSI standard.

iSCSI is an emerging IP-based storage-networking standard for transferring data over Ethernet-based networks. iSCSI carries SCSI commands over IP, letting companies leverage existing infrastructure.

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