Internet Explorer closes in on Netscape

Two different market studies have come to the same conclusion: Microsoft Internet Explorer is quickly gaining on Netscape's Navigator/Communicator. According to DataQuest, IE's marketshare grew to 39.4% while Netscape fell to 57.6%. This compares to Navigator's commanding 73%-to-20% lead from a year before. Meanwhile, Roper Starch Worldwide has more grim news for Netscape: according to that researcher, IE's share has grown to 40%.

Other companies have also released interesting figures about Internet Explorer. America Online, the largest online service, announced that 85% of its 10 million subscribers are now using IE 4.0. Microsoft itself is stating that usage of IE exceeds 50% in numerous countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, and others.

DataQuest said it expects Microsoft to surpass Netscape's marketshare percentage by mid-1998

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