Internet Explorer 4.0 Web site is up

Microsoft posted the Internet Explorer 4.0 Web site today at Judging from the screenshots and information in this site, IE 4 is more than a simple upgrade from IE 3.

Design goals for Internet Explorer 4.0 include:

  • To build the best browser possible to electrify the end user's Internet experience.
  • To provide a foundation so others could contribute to a new generation of exciting, interactive, and functional Web content.

Major new features include:

  • Customizable user interface
  • Desktop acts as browser window for live content
  • New Start menu and taskbar with Web-related objects
  • AutoComplete - recalls Internet addresses so you don't have to re-type
  • Stronger security
  • HTML Help - Help system is now built into Web pages
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Site Subscriptions - "Pulled" content updated automatically
  • Premium Channels - dynamic Web sites delivered to your desktop

Major new components include:

  • Active Desktop - Web pages, Desktop Components, and Internet news...right on your desktop
  • Smart Favorites - Find out when your favorite Web sites are updated
  • Outlook Express - E-mail and newsgroup client
  • Netmeeting – Conferencing
  • FrontPad HTML Authoring tool
  • Web Publishing Wizard and Personal Web Server
  • NetShow video broadcasting
  • Internet Connection Wizard

Want more information?
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Platform Preview

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