Internet Explorer 4.0 release tomorrow

Microsoft will release Internet Explorer 4.0 tomorrow, their new Internet suite of applications. IE 4.0 includes the Internet Explorer Web browser, Outlook Express email application, the Active Desktop, and other features that will soon become a standard part of the Windows operating system.

Dave Fester, Group Product Manager for the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft says that IE 4.0 is the product that will finally push IE over Netscape. According to Forrester, Netscape currently commands 60% of the browser market, with IE occupying about 36%.

"With Internet Explorer 3.0, we pretty much matched Netscape feature for feature. With IE 4, we feel that we have not only a great upgrade to IE 3, but we also have a switcher product. We are 16% faster than Communicator \[on a LAN\], and on a dial-up we're 31% faster than Communicator."

Fester also commented that the IE 4.0 browser loads in under 4 seconds, while Communicator takes about 12 seconds.

"In the feel of the browser, rendering pages, opening the browser, we're going to be a lot faster \[than Communicator\]. We're also the fastest Java implementation. We have the fastest Java VM, which will allow you to run Java apps faster than any other browser out there on the market."

Expect a full review of IE 4.0 this week on the Internet Nexus

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