Internet Explorer 4.0 Easter Egg revealed

Thanks to Don Adams for the tip: there is a cool Easter Egg in the release version of Internet Explorer 4.0. To find it, open the IE 4.0 Web browser and choose About "Internet Explorer" from the Help menu. The About dialog box appears. Hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) and click the IE logo in the upper right corner of the dialog. With the Control key down, you can drag it around the dialog box. Drag the IE logo over the globe and then to the right, so that it hits the "Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0" text. If you do it right, the text will fly off the right side of the dialog, revealing a button labeled "Unlock".

Drop the logo you've been dragging around and click the Unlock button. The globe will start shaking. Now, pick up the logo again (Ctrl-click) and drag the it onto the globe. A new dialog box opens and a scrolling list of credits appears. There's some humor in there but you really, really have to wait to see it. If you're any kind of a geek, you'll sit there for about 20 minutes like I did. Enjoy

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