Intel Unleashes New Mobile Chips

Today, Intel unveiled several new mobile processors designed to power small, high-speed laptops with long-term battery life. Its new Pentium III-M (for Mobile) and mobile Celeron chips have already shipped to PC makers, which will release new models incorporating this technology in mid-October.

The chips include a new 1.2GHz Pentium III-M, which slows to 800MHz on battery power and consumes less energy than previous models; this chip will cost $800. The company also introduced an "ultra-low-voltage" 700MHz Pentium III-M and several new Low Voltage Mobile Celeron chips, including models that run at 933MHz, 900MHz, 866MHz, 800MHz, and 733MHz.

"We are taking the Pentium III-M into the smallest category of mobile PCs," said Frank Spindler, who heads Intel's mobile platforms group. "With these you can go to sub-3 pounds and tablet types of systems."

Intel also introduced a new Intel 830 mobile chipset that provides integrated 2-D and 3-D graphics and other space- and energy-saving tactics, which are critical for the small laptops Intel is targeting with these new processors.

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