Intel Geyserville to bridge gap between laptop and desktop

At the Intel Developer Forum this week, Intel Corporation revealed a strategy for mobile processors that will bridge the gap between laptops and desktop machines. The strategy hinges on a new "dual-mode" Pentium III microprocessor that is code-named "Geyserville." These chips will run at full speed when plugged into a wall outlet but throttle back to lower power and frequencies when running on battery, so that they are more efficient. Robert Jecmen, VP of the Intel Architecture Business Group demonstrated Intel’s new Geyserville technology, noting that the first units, which are due in late 1999, will run at speeds of at least 600 MHz. And a 600 MHz Geyserville processor will run at 500 MHz when on battery power.

"The performance capabilities of future Intel mobile Pentium III processors enabled with Geyserville technology ... will mark the beginning of a new era in mobile computing," he said. "Delivering increasingly more performance is one of the key factors that will fuel the continued growth of the mobile PC market segment."

In the meantime, Intel is preparing new mobile Pentium II processors that will run at speeds of up to 433 MHz. These will debut by mid-1999.

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