Intel demonstrates 650 MHz Pentium II

Gaming industry heavyweights gather each year at the Computer Games Developers' Conference (CGDC) and this year's outing, held this past week in Long Beach, California, offered a few surprises. Most notable among them was Intel Corporation, which demonstrated an early version of a 650 MHz Pentium II, which was cooled by an external refrigerant due to its one-off status. Intel was showing the chip off to prove that the Pentium II line still has a lot of headroom left for improvement and the company said this week that even faster versions would be available.

Appropriately, Intel demoed a couple of leading-edge OpenGL games on the CPU, including "T-Rex" and "Shot". Both games were displayed using a 3DFX Voodoo2 accelerator, currently the faster consumer-grade 3D accelerator available

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