iMac number one in August?

Apple's controversial new iMac computer will probably be the single best-selling computer model for the month of August, according to reports. The iMac, a low-end Macintosh with a new futuristic-looking, all-in-one case, topped the charts in preliminary sales data from Computer Retail Week.

However, in the past month, the iMac has been dogged by problems with Internet connectivity and USB printing: Apple has already issued a patch to fix the printing problems. The real controversy over the iMac is due to its lack of legacy connection devices such as a floppy drive, serial or parallel ports, or a SCSI connector, making it incompatible with almost all existing Macintosh hardware. Still, a low price and a curvy new look have helped Apple restore some of its former glory. With a new OS point release coming next month (Mac OS 8.5) and an even better new OS, Mac OS X ("ten"), coming next year, Apple looks like it may be back from the dead.

At the very least, the company has convinced the Apple faithful to get into stores and buy new machines: Approximately 80% of iMac sales went to existing Mac users, eager to embrace any success by the company. Well, this is it folks. Way to go, Apple

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