IE 5.0 Beta earns high marks with testers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Beta 2, which became publicly available one month ago, is earning praise from testers: Over 93% of people that responded to an online survey said that IE 5.0, with its new IntelliSense features, makes browsing the Web easier and more simple. Approximately 600,000 people have downloaded IE 5.0 Beta 2 from the Web since its release, double the download rate of IE 4.0 during a similar time period.

"Thanks to the Microsoft IntelliSense technology, Internet Explorer 5 is delivering a breakthrough in Web-browsing simplicity," said Yusuf Mehdi, director of Windows marketing at Microsoft. "Customers are telling us that this focus on simplicity will make this the most compelling release of Internet Explorer 5 yet."

Internet Explorer 5.0 improves on the well-received IE 4.0 by adding the features that customers most often ask for:

  • Simplicity: Complex browsing tasks are simplified so that users can be more productive on the Web.

  • Automation: Unnecessary mouse clicks and keystrokes are eliminated. Optional components can be automatically installed only when needed.

  • Flexibility: The browser is more easily integrated with portals, search engines, and other applications.
Internet Explorer 5.0--which would be called Internet Explorer 2000 if Microsoft cared about consistency--will be available sometime in early 1999. The current Beta 2 release, and a beta version of the IE 5.0 Administration Kit (IEAK) are available for download from the Microsoft Web site
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