IE 4.0 hits 1 million users in less than a day

Within its first 24 hours of availability, over one million copies of Internet Explorer 4.0 were downloaded, the company announced this week. That's an average of one copy every 6 seconds. Microsoft officials have previously stated that they expect this release of Internet Explorer to push them over 50% marketshare, thus beating Netscape in the all-important Web browser market.

An astonishing side-note: IE 4.0 is a huge program, with the browser-only edition weighing in at 13 MB (the standard edition is ~16 MB, and the full version is ~22 MB). For users at 28.8, that's hours and hours of download time, especially with the pipes clogged with other users.

Another interesting side-note: the one million download figure only includes downloads from Microsoft's Web site, not from the 20+ mirror sites such as ConXion. It also does not include the CD pre-orders. Over 200,000 people pre-ordered the commemorative CD, according to Microsoft

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