IBM teams up with Red Hat Linux

Thanks to Rick Kingslan for the tip: International Business Machines (IBM) and Red Hat Software announced last week an alliance to deliver the Red Hat Linux operating system on a variety IBM's systems. Under terms of the agreement, both companies will work on a support infrastructure and a development lab will be established to maximize performance, reliability, and security for Red Hat Linux running on IBM Netfinity servers, PC 300 Commercial desktops, IntelliStations, and ThinkPad portables.

"IBM has long been the leader in powerful, reliable computing solutions," said Bob Young, the CEO of Red Hat Software. "This is an important milestone in the rapidly growing acceptance of Linux."

According to Red Hat, there are over 10 million people now using Linux and Linux is the fastest-growing server operating system available, beating even Windows NT.

"Our customers are asking for Linux solutions," said Bill McCracken, general manager of marketing and strategy at the IBM Personal Systems Group. "The Red Hat alliance demonstrates IBM's commitment to the open-source movement and to provide our customers with an unmatched range of platforms, operating systems, solutions and services.

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