IBM CPU to power the next Nintendo game system

International Business Machines (IBM) will provide the brains behind the next Nintendo game system, code-named "Dolphin," that is due for release late next year. Designed to compete with the Sega Dreamcast and the next Sony Playstation, Nintendo's Dolphin system will be powered by a low-voltage copper 400 MHz IBM PowerPC chip. It will also sport a DVD drive that will play today's movie DVDs. Pricing is expected to be in the $200 range.

"We brought our best design skills, our top technology and our production capabilities to the party for this," said John Kelly, IBM's general manager for Microelectronics. "I think it was an important factor that we are already running our 0.18-micron production copper process in two fabs, and could show our ability to ramp to the kind of volume Nintendo needs on their schedule."

Nintendo's previous generation system, the Nintendo 64, was co-developed with SGI, but a falling out caused the company to look elsewhere. ArtX will supply graphics hardware on the new system this time around

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