Humor: Further WinInfo corrections

Thanks to David Paulsen, who responded to my WinInfo corrections earlier this week with the following "further corrections":

  • Bill Gates and Larry Ellison WERE NOT seen together at a local Seattle pizza eatery, singing German drinking songs and telling America Online jokes to each other. That was actually Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

  • Al Gore did invent the Internet, but not in 1798 as previously published. Sorry for the confusion.

  • The Intel "bunny people" are not appearing in the Star Wars prequel.

  • Further drunken benchmarking confirms it: Apple's iMac really is as fast as a PIII-500, so long as the power's turned off. I'll have to stick by this one, folks.

  • The internet was not purchased by AT&T last Thursday for $700 billion. The actual amount was $740 billion.

  • And finally, Hormel is not being sued by AOL for manufacturing Spam. This is actually a class-action lawsuit, open to anyone who suspects they may have been spammed.
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