HP Continues to Expand Support with New IBM Deal

Similar to the deal it struck with IBM last month, Hewlett Packard's (HP's) new deal with IBM will add storage management support for IBM's hardware. The two companies tout the agreement as a stepping-stone to a standards-based management platform based on Bluefin and Common Information Model (CIM). As part of the new deal, IBM and HP will cross-license storage APIs and command-line interfaces. Both companies plan to update their software offerings; HP will add support for IBM's TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server to HP's OpenView storage management software, and IBM will add support for HP's StorageWorks line to IBM's software.

According to HP, its software now supports more than 80 percent of storage systems worldwide. Both companies hope that through their involvement with the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA's) Storage Management Initiative (SMI), a strong Bluefin and CIM standard will emerge.



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