How do I load the RKILLSRV.EXE?

A. The RKILLSRV allows you to stop processes remotely by running as a service and you can then use WRKILL.EXE or RKILL.EXE to stop a process on that machine.

Its inconvenient to have RKILLSRV running as a process so its better so have it running as a service.

Use the SRVINSTW.EXE provided in the resource kit. It is a GUI program that allows one to set up a program written properly to run as a service. Emphasis: The program MUST be written to run as a service!!!

Once started you should select "Install a service" and click Next. Select the machine, a name for the service, the program, the service type, an account to run under and finally how the service is run (e.g. automatic).

With the SRVINSTW.EXE you can setup programs on your local machine or on a remote machine.

You must have Administrative privileges on the target machine.

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